Sigelei T150

Take a look at pictures of Sigelei’s new T150 vape mod. It literally shouts “coming attraction” and appears to justify the use of exclamation marks otherwise applied to devices that don’t deserve them.

This is an exciting device on the basis of looks alone, but when you glance at specifications you see it is not all an aesthetic triumph from a top vape mod brand. The Sigelei T150 is set to be a bestseller before it’s even in the shops or in the hands of consumers.

Sigelei T150 Features T150 Mod

You have to start with the screen because that is the part screaming for attention. Most vape mods feature little screens situated between control buttons, measure less than 1 inch long and, though digital and relatively clear, still a little small and sometimes cast in shadow. This can happen if the screen is embedded slightly, but doing this prevents contact with a hard, flat surface which could break the glass.

When the screen is flush with your frame, there is the safety factor: it’s vulnerable to cracks and dings. As for visibility, however, this is the superior way to go. You don’t own a mere mod anymore: it’s like a handheld phone or iPod now. One whole face of the T150 is a screen. Remind you of anything?

Although the shape is rectangular, Sigelei shakes it up with rounded corners on opposite sides. It’s a small but attractive adjustment, especially since silver and black are your only choices.

The screen uses a mixture of numbers, words, and graphics to relay technical information. See that the device is locked in a mode or otherwise; the temperature you set; the real temperature at that time; and the time of day. View watts, volts, and ohms.

Read the level of your battery from a clear icon. It’s all there in multiple colors. SMY did something similar last year, but I will bet the Sigelei does it better because, after all, this is a TC mod even if it looks like a Smartphone.

Sigelei T150 Box

Temperature Control Vaping

How does that matter? Well, if you know anything about temperature control vape mods and the differences between these and variable wattage mods, you know there are some important advantages in regard to:

• efficiency
• flavor
• safety

They are also a little bit fussy in the sense that you have to use certain coils in that mode, but you can also operate a T150 as a Variable Watt device which is a way around that problem if you are only buying the Sigelei T150 mod for its looks.


There’s just one button on the side to turn on your T150.

T150 Button

How do you dial in values then? All you have to do is touch the screen, just like with an iPod 6 or a Moto G. Tap the screen lightly to adjust temperature or watts. Inner workings adjust, read and monitor everything.

A PCB ensures this mod won’t overheat and also automatically drops watts when your heat is achieved. In the TC setting with Ni200 or Ti coils, it’s unnecessary to run your mod at such high levels as you are accustomed to because such sensitive coils maintain heat more efficiently than Kanthal and Nichrome.

Use the device in Variable Wattage mode and your unit will prevent overheating, automatically preventing you from running at your current level if this is causing the box to overheat. The maximum temperature allowable is 600F and the minimum for vaping at low watts and higher resistance is 200F. As always, you don’t have to go to extremes: it’s just nice to have the option.


Just to summarize the features as they will appear when this gorgeous new vape mod is released, here are some basics. Wattage output limits are 5W to 150W. Input Voltage will be 6.4V to 8.4V and the resistance range is 0.2 ohms to 3 ohms (0.2 ohms only in TC function most likely).

You can adjust temperature between 200F and 600F, which is the standard range give or take a few degrees. You will need two batteries, 18650 high-drain examples, but they will be removable.

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